this transcript is gonna be something real special, a first person video recording from a robot, which means we get access to some of his thoughts in the data for it. from the text code it seems to be that "blam" robot from a previous log



ACR-8L4M: [[log opens with blam sitting in the chair of his ship, it's a small cockpit, only room for one person, the only lights are coming from the various screens shining brightly with analog displays and scanlines. his left hand is tapping away at a keypad but it seems to be off, they would obviously know this so it's likely it's doing this just for the loud clicks it makes. after a while of this a "dwoop" sound is heard and he turns his attention to a monitor]]

ACR-8L4M: [[there's a loud whir as he turns his head, the monitor on the left side of the controls shows text saying "10,000 MONETS FOR GUARD JOB. FOLLOW POLITICAL ESCORT ACROSS 3 PLANETS IN EAST SECTOR AND INSURE SAFETY OF CLIENT" a very simple job for a lot of money, fairly safe sector of space as well. he's about to hit accept on it when another sound breaks out. a loud rapid set of three beeps, followed by three long beeps, and it keeps repeating]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he turns his whole body to the other monitor on the right, we see that his arm canon is plugged right into the ship as he looks at the screen, it's a distress signal from a nearby planet, the message is simply the universal greeting. "ba-weep-gra-na-weep-nini-bon" when that's used in a signal, it means you're so desperate that you don't care who comes to help you. he stops for a moment, looking at a third monitor in the middle, he's about 11,000 monets in debt. if he does the contract then he could be out of that soon. but... that signal. no other ships nearby. he can see the planet right out his window, only about a 30 minute fly down to a landing spot near the signal... but if he doesn't pay his debts then...]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he slams down on his controls with his fist, then locks into the signal and turns on the autopilot. then speaks in his deep, synthetic and monotone voice, like an extremely robotic text to speech]] STUPID... SELF... MOMENT... [[he gets out the chair, walking towards the back of his ship and into it's small cargo hold, looking at a mirror and turning on a light]]

ACR-8L4M: [[it looks over itself in the mirror. it's big and bulky, but very humanoid. his head is like a large helmet, with a T-shaped visor that glows a deep and bright green, the rest of the head is a dark grey. all being shined on by the green of the visor. on the right side of the visor is a white glint]]

ACR-8L4M: [[his shoulders are a gem-like deep blue, with a bright silver connecting them to the grey arms. they're still bulky in all areas, but the joints are less armoured, covered in a crumply black rubber material, probably to stop dirt and grit getting caught in there. his biceps are the same silver as the shoulder connection point. his left hand and forearm is a much duller shade, his arm canon is the same, taking up his whole arm from the elbow down on his right arm, small dots of blue are visible on it like scratches off paint, he bends his arm and puts a hand on the canon. it's big enough to fit his whole head inside. a massive series of lights turn on inside it, shining everything the same bright green as his visor until a field of energy fills it up, blocking the inside from right.

ACR-8L4M: [[his torso is seperated into two parts, the large chest is dark grey like his helmet, some lines of blue lead towards a core on his chest that sticks out a little, the core is a bright green light shining behind a small piece of glass. the lower torso hips and pelvis are all blue, more of that rubber material seperates the chest and waist to add more movement options.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[his thighs are the same silver as the biceps, while the shins and calves are the gem-blue of the shoulders. his feet are simply the same grey as the hand. all together and judging from the mirror, he looks about 6ft9 in height.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[after half on hour of checking their systems in the mirror, the ship lands, and the door opens in the back of the ship. blam steps out onto mossy vine covered ground. nearly everything is covered in these vines and moss. no animals or lifeforms in sight... the signal is quite a walk away but this was the clearest and closest landing zone. so now all he could do was walk...]]