the next log from blam, on one hand these are real interesting but on the other... man i need to write a lot.


ACR-8L4M: [[he's just walking through the cave, seems to a dried up sewer. just vines going through where any liquid should be. he still has it's hand hooked under the arm cannon, but then he comes across something. a body. a council trooper, sleek and sophisticated armour in dark green a light grey. the visor that's meant to glow green is off and vines are growing in and out of the body, it's practically a skeleton in a suit being held together by the plants now. but what blam is more focused on is the gun next to him. it just looks like a big green tube with a scope slapped onto it and with and two grips. but since it's snapped in half blam can see something clear as day.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[a missile. he picks it up, inspecting it and turing it around over and over, the design is simple. just a grey tube with some fins at the back and a green spike at the front... then blam jams the entire thing into his arm cannon. thankfully instead of exploding his entire body just shakes and virates while making a loud hum sound. this goes on for 3 minutes before it all suddenly stops with a small DING sound... then he just keeps walking.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[most of the walls in the sewer are fairly clear of plants, just random bits of moss and small vines. until he reaches a turn, where the moment he goes left it all changes. he reaches a massive water treatment facility. and he can hear something... a rushing flow of something inside metal. he looks around, more concrete to keepit all together but the place is filled with pipes, controls covered in vines, and a massive pump and storage system covered in a blob of plant-mass growing on it. the mass has more of those yellow blinking spots on it. all looking at blam as he moves through the room. looking closer, the only pipes that are making any sound are the ones sending water towards the pump and the mass. any that are meant to take water away are silent.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[they stare at this blob a little more. "plants need water. that is something i know. but this much? and so many vines connected to this mass. are there more like it? how long has it been here? then back around the room again. no exits here, just a dead end... he leaves, makeing sure to note this room in his mind for later. perhaps there is a way to move that mass... when walking back, to the turning point, it notices an alternate path where none of the lights in the sewer work. total darkness in that tunnel. he takes one look around gain before going down it and notices something. the body by the broken rocket launcher is gone. "bodies don't move. right? no... it might not be something to become afraid over. no... worry about. that is the words... tunnel." ]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he walks down the tunnel, hand on the arm cannon as he goes into the darkness. his chest light illuminating the path. slowly the concrete fades away, and the plants are all he can walk on. it all makes wet crunching sounds under it's feet. it's hard to even say how long he walks for. he checks his left arm, a panel flips up and a screen turns on. cheral's signal is still going, and he's still near it despite the verticle difference.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[but he closes it again as he hears a sound. clicking and hissing, like the scuttlers before. he turns around as fast as possible, aiming his cannon back where he walked from, but he only sees darkness now. but the sound is close, right on him! they keep turning around and around but don't see anything... until... it looks up. and spots that dead soldier, even more moss and vine through and on his boy. his head replaced with a blob of plant mass, with one of those blinking yellow spots staring right into blam's eye. his hands mangled into nothing but plant blobs for more of those spikes. the two stare each other down for a minute.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[and then it drops. snarling and shrieking and foaming at the eye as it falls on blam and starts mashing at his head with the spikes. blam grabs it and tosses him into the wall, aiming the cannon and firing blast after blast into it's body. leaving a massive hole... but it gets back up, growing vines and moss before blam's very eyes as it lunges again. but blam catches it this time. jamming his cannon into the head and firing. his vision is covered in green until he wipes off the splatterings of plant matter. the body drops to the floor with a cold and heavy thud that echos through the tunnel...]]]

ACR-8L4M: [[and then more hissing. more snarling. more scuttling. all getting louder towards him... he shines his light down the way in the tunnel he was going. spotting three more of these plant humanoids. one of them even having a working gun, mangled and merged into the arm. it struggled to aim at blam as he sprints full speed into them. "first thing that can damage me. these are hostiles. i was build for this." he slams into one and knocks it into the ground, grabbing the other and using it as a body sheild while he aims at the gunner. popping it's head in another splatter with just one shot. the body drops to the floor with a cold and heavy thud. "these are hostiles. i was built for this." he throws his shield back down the tunnel. his arm cannon makes a strange whirring and clicking sound as the green energy disipates away, and the end of a missle pokes out from the cannon. he takes aim, and fires down the tunnel. tearing the humanoid apart in one blast. "these are hostiles. i was built for this." the last one leaps at him from behind. scratching at clawing at him again and cracking his visor and the glass on his chestpiece. he grabs it and tosses it to the ground. the energy field in his arm cannon doesn't come back yet. but the footage cuts out while we still get audio.

ACR-8L4M: a wet crunch. "i was built for this."

ACR-8L4M: a wet crunch. "i was built for this."

ACR-8L4M: a wet crunch. "i was built for this."

ACR-8L4M: a wet crunch. "i was built for this."

ACR-8L4M: footage returns. the plant's head is nothing but a puddle on the floor. blam is covered in bits of plant and green slime. he stands there... then keeps walking down the tunnel.

ACR-8L4M: "why."