next log from blam, i actually have a ton of them to upload but it takes a while to properlly transcribe them and get them on. also i think i'm just scared of uploading now because of all the. you know.



ACR-8L4M: [[it's been a bit of time since the last bit of recording, he's walking through a part of the plant tunnel that leads into a much more metal tunnel. still plants around but they're much less growing on things here and more inside them. worming through the panels in the walls and floors and going inside the tech. the lights all flicker as he walks around. one of the scuttlers goes across a hallway infront of him extremely quickly. "did it not notice me? or maybe it did. the plants have grown so much. they must be old. maybe it attacked because it was just scared. it might think fighting me is bad now. do plants think? do they feel fear? do i? no time to question. find a way to the surface and cheral." he keeps walking, finding a heavy locked door with no way to open it.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he blasts it a couple times with his cannon, but that does nothing. he fires a missile but still nothing. he looks at the sign covered in vines, most of the letters are covered but the clear ones are 'L VE 5 AB' blam just stares at the door for a moment... then turns and walks down the other way in the hallway. the whole facility looks like a dark grey with silver pipes in the walls, across the halls are glass and doors letting him see into rooms, they look sort of like offices and labs. all filled with broken equipment and bodies in various stages of decomposition. all with plants growing in and out of them. he keeps walking and trying to look away from all the bodies. soon finding a room with the door broken and fallen to the floor.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[they walk through carefully, mostly finding empty shelves and broken but soon it spots something. a large metal spike about as long as a kitchen knife, and with a rubber handle like a screwdriver but with a trigger at the end. blam quickly picks it up and lets out a very high pitched noise as he jumps up and down. despite being solid metal, his jump hits the roof of the somewhat tall room and when he lands there isn't much of a thud. after jumping for a while he stops and shoves it into his arm cannon.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[like with the missle he shakes for a while before suddenly stopping, he looks at the palm of his hand and in the middle of it there's now a black circle that looks like a completely closed camera lens, the panels open apart and the spike from the thing pops out, he slots it in and out for a few times and i'm wondering how that's even possible. the spike doesn't seem to have any way to fold and his hand just is not big enough to store it. in fact this also makes me wonder how he had more than one missile in his cannon.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he spots another piece of equipment on the table, a portable radio communicator. he does the same with this and gets it into the cannon, and after some shaking he opens his arm panel again and opens a new section titled radio. and connects to 'SURV-SIGNAL-313']] GREETING. HEAR. ME. QUESTION.

ENG-CHERAL: WOAH WHAT THE? OH! you got a radio? that's awesome!!! i'm still on the surface but i ran around a lot after i saw a dead body get up and now i found a ship with no plants on it and it looks all blue like your shoulders and the window is green so i think it's your ship so i went in and now i'm in here and there's a lot of random tech and i'm gonna tinker with it all wait that's okay right is that okay i should ask is that okay? [[the radio has a slight crackle to it as it comes through a speaker on blam's arm instead of just playing in his head or something.]]

ACR-8L4M: YES. SHIP. IS. MINE. AND. ITEMS. IS. SCRAP. [[he's walking while radioing, always a bad move. there's an open door at the back of the storage room, leading to an elevator.]] STAY. INSIDE. IS. SAFE.

ENG-CHERAL: you sure? i think i can help maybe! where are you? i- OOOOO!!! YOU HAVE A GATALO-BLASTER I GOTTA TAKE IT APART HOLY MOLY [[a lot of metal clanging sounds]]

ACR-8L4M: UNDER. GROUND. BASE. MANY. LAB. ELEVATOR. [[when he walks into the lift the doors instantly close behind him. on the controls only one button works, and it has a faint pale green glow to it.]] WEIRD. ELEVATOR. [[he pushes it, and the elevator moves at speeds that should be impossible considering this place is probably falling apart. it goes down down down and then... sideways. then stops, and opens up, revealing a new room.]] NOW. IN. ROOM.

ACR-8L4M: COMPUTER. ROOM. [[the room is a bit large, but very barren aside from the wall facing the elevator, blam steps out and looks at a giant computer. controls go from one side of the wall to the other, tons of dials and switches and a keyboard in the middle. the screen is a dark green and displays a menu with three options, map, files, and functions. there's a sticky note by the keyboard that reads 'MAP: 45678' most notably, there's no plants anywhere in this room]]

ENG-CHERAL: OH! THAT'S PROBABLY A UHHH c'mon c'mon words- CONTROL ROOM! this is a council planet so um you'll need different passwords for different functions and stuff, it's kinda silly cuz they make it so anyone can log on and stuff but it's good if you can find the things! council guys love to write stuff down so you can probably find some!

ACR-8L4M: YES. [[he uses the arrow keys and the enter key to select the map, typing in the numbers on the note, it opens to a large 2d diagram of the city, all blocky and simplified, like something from a 'video game' that i think your universe has. the surface level with all the buildings is at the top and is simply labeled as 'city' with only one lifeform detected. below it is a set of maze-like lines labeled as 'water' connected to the city and to a small area called 'labs' connected to a much larger area called 'power' and the surface connects much smaller part called 'gun' and in the middle of all the map is a square labeled as 'control' . every area except control has big red text flashing 'COMPROMISED' and no where has any lifesigns except the surface. "did they know? how far ahead could they have planned?" suddenly, multiple thin lines appear on the map. connecting the control room to various other areas. "the odd lift." blam stares at the screen a bit more.]] COMING. TO. SHIP. NOW. [[but suddenly, in the bottom right of the screen, dark green text appears.]]



ENG-CHERAL: OOOHHH! we should help it! this is like a uhhhh a mystery thing! it might be someone else on the planet or a robot or maybe the planet itself or the plants or an ai in the system or maybe we can solve it and do something!!! please please can we stay to help? i'll stay in the ship i promise! and i can help on the radio!


C85-SYSTEM: [[there's a ping on the map, a yellow dot flashing on the 'gun' part of the map]] ALERT. LEVEL-4 BIOHAZARD DETECTED. ELIMINATE NOW. PLEASE

ACR-8L4M: [[he pauses for a moment, cheral frequently saying 'hello?' over the radio as it stares at the screen. "this isn't why i came here. i was just meant to get one person out but. now that person wants me to help. should i? i don't know what i would be helping. i don't know if it needs help. i don't know if it deserves help.]] he stands there more... just... looking at the screen. "...but i don't know if it doesn't. and it might." he stops looking at the screen, and now grabs a wire at the controls, plugging it into something in their arm cannon. after a moment, the screen on the arm panel gets a new pop up that he opens, showing the map and the text from the system.]] WILL. HELP. YES.

ENG-CHERAL: WOOHOO! also a computer in your ship is showing stuff that looks like a council system thing so i think it's connected now if you did something to do that so thats really cool and i'm gonna talk to the system thing now! you go fight the uhhhhhh biohazard? that sounds scarey be careful that sounds messed up i said that already sorry i'll be quiet and work on tech stuff okay bye! [[the radio-line closes]]

ACR-8L4M: [[blam looks at the elevator, then back over himself. there's a few cuts on his torso and he gets the spike to pop out of his hand, the end of it sparks blue like a superheated blowtorch and he scrapes it over the damage, instantly repairing it all. a panel with some actual controls opens on his arm cannon as he looks at a display showing five pixilated missiles, although everything in the display is a shade of green, with one of them slowly filling up until it's like the others, and a big 'FULL' appears ontop of them all when it's done. he closes the panel and walks into the lift. all the buttons are now glowing the normal dark green of council tech. he presses the button for the 'gun' area and the lift rockets off. "this is not a good idea... but does that make it bad?" ]]