next blam log, honestly really excited for these, getting kinda invested in this guy's story. introduction bits are the hardest to write for him though since like... it's all one continous thing


ACR-8L4M: [[still in the elevator, it rocks side to side and up and down until it stops and opens up. the hallways are a much lighter shade here, the metal itself being a somewhat light green, no exposed pipes, and there's tons of small rooms with broken signs... the 'gun' section just looks like a giant shopping mall. blam starts walking through, this area also isn't as covered in plants, much more exposed but a lot of it still damaged and knocked around.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[going through one of the stores, it looks like a small food place, seats and broken tables around and a counter in the corner. he rummages around, trying to find any sign of what the system warned him about. opening his arm panel and looking at it, the map of the area zooms in. it's still simplistic but now it shows a more direct path towards the biohazard. he'll have to cut through a large shop up some stairs and then use the staff corridors to go down to a boiler room, and cut through a number of shops on the way due to broken parts of the building obstructing the normal way there. he closes the panel and gets on his way. but when turning around he notices something.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[a scorched hole in the wall. it doesn't go all the way through, but it's clearly not normal. he approaches it, wiping at the black marks a little and it rubs off into his hand. the hole looks like something hot melted into it but cooled down fast. something big and round, the angle seems diagonal, like something outside the shop was aiming into it. but there are no bodies in the shop. "gunshot... something happened before the decay and the plants. but what?" he soon moves along. walking up the stopped escalators, but they activate while he's walking up them. then turn off again, then start going the opposite way, then off and on and he almost falls off as he just tries to walk up through it all. like things were fighting for control over it all.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he manages to reach the top and stumbles a little as he holds the railings and walk to the store. opening the panel and talking to the system.]] WHY. ESCALATE. OR.


ACR-8L4M: YOU. SMELL. [[he enters the store, the shelves are almost fully stocked with random plastic and plush oddities of colour. most of them in good condition despite the amount of time they've been here. only ones doing bad are the few wooden and plush toys with vines growing on them. they're rotting and breaking as the plants take hold... "i-" his thoughts are interuppted]]

ENG-CHERAL: hey hey hey! [[as she chirps in over the radio]] say sorry to the system! it was just trying to help!


ENG-CHERAL: awesome! now go blast that bio-thingy! hazards are normally bad so it's probably not good that it's running around down there! [[her voice is as happy as ever, like she's barely even thinking about the whole dead planet thing]]

ACR-8L4M: O. K. [[he gets back to walking, soon finding the staff doors and trying to open them. they don't budge... so it fires a missile and blasts them off the hinges. the halls are a dirty white, and this area is much much more covered in the vines and moss. he marches further in. a few scuttlers charge at him, scratching at his feet as he tries to just walk past them, but they keep coming and coming as he walks past doors after doors. eventually he just looks down and stops on one of them. popping it instantly. the others don't stop so he just stomps them all out until the floor is a puddle of green slop. he just stands there for a moment... and there's a loud creaking sound as the floor cracks apart. and breaks.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he falls down and hits the ground hard. bits of rubble fall off him as he gets up, he looks around the room. it's some kind of gun store, dead bodies all around. covered in plants and all looking like they died running into the store, some of them clinging to the blasters pulled off the shelves. "whatever did this. whatever killed the people on this planet. it was something the people tried to fight... but what-" his thoughts are stopped again by a blaster shot scraping by the back of his head.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he turns around to look at what shot him, another of those shambling infected lifeforms, with a gun merged into it's arm. the body is even more deformed than previous ones, bloated and pulsing as the head has been forced to slowly merge into the torso and plant matter, the skull now being visible as the grey frail skin peels away. blam opens fire on it, hitting it with a missile and splattering plant all around the room before it can get a second shot on. but he hears that wretched hissing all around him as all of the bodies in the small gun store start getting up, all with their own blasters merged into them as they slowly rise and shamble up. blam lumbers up and rams the doors. reaching another main shopping plaza, different from the previous one in a very noticable way.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[it's all gun stores. and all of them have bodies in. that are rising.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[it devolves into a mad scramble i can barely keep track of, shots flying left and right as blam keeps blasting, grabbing some to use as body shields, swapping between missiles and energy shots, getting close and using his new repair spike to stab into them. always trying to go for the yellow eyes to put them down but he keeps missing, just tearing them apart aimlessly and tossing them around to just try and clear things out enough to think for a moment. but in the corner of his eye he notices something. a shambler with a rocker launcher on the balcony. pointing it right at blam. "a word comes to mind. only one. crap." ]]

ACR-8L4M: [[the rocket fires and blam barely gets out the way. the floor breaks again from the blast as blam's vision glitches and freezes, it unfreezes in the middle of a fall but gets stuck again, then when it fixes he's on his back, staring up at the few floors they fell through. they force themselves up and look around the room, lots of pipes, boiler equipment, and a pulsating brain made out of plant-matter with tons of the yellow eyes on it growing on a set of very important looking controls. he flips the panel up and looks at the map. the yellow marker is right here, thats the biohazard. "it's just more plants. should i... i promised to help. but. the plants just exist. what is correct? choices are meant to be made. but i cannot. what is this?"]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he slowly gets up and approaches the brain, but before he can get close enough to inspect it, an ear piercing high pitched sound comes from it. blam stumbles and almost falls over as he hears it. he can't even think as all the shamblers from up above fall down to the boiler room as well. but they don't go for blam, they swarm towards the brain. all falling atop each other as vine and moss start to merge, mulching together into a blob that starts to form into something more. blam just hurries to repair any damage he took from the blast as the blob forms 10 spiked legs, clumps all the guns together at the front like a tank with a hundred barrels. all the skulls pool to the surface and all the eyes merge into one.]]

ENG-CHERAL: what the heck's going on?! you took a buncha damage and now the hazard thing is moving and your systems say you're in a danger level 4 thats bad right that sounds bad!

ACR-8L4M: PLANT. TANK. [[first thing he does it point his cannon at it and blast some rouns od energy in, but they do little as it just regenerates and opens fire, all the blasters firing rapidly together goes so fast it just creates a giant beam. he dodges as fast as he can and ducks behind some broken and empty pipes, swapping to missile fire and trying to hit it in the eye, but it's fast. jumping up to the walls and rooting itself to say there as it fires away at him. "this thing is smart. how? what kind of plant does this?" he keeps moving, jumping out of the way of an explosion as it swaps from the beam to charging all the shots at once in one big blast.]] HELP. NEED. ENEMY. REGENERATE. JUMP. FAST.


ACR-8L4M: [[he tries a missile again, this time it connects and blasts open a big dent into the thing! skulls fly off it as blam hammers in all the blaster shots he can into the exposed part... but it's just not enough. he scuttles across the remains of the roof and takes pot shots at blam, one of them connecting and hitting them right in the shoulder of his blaster arm. the arm stays intact but becomes a lot floppier, harder to lift it up and actually shoot. he just keeps running and taking cover from this thing, all the exits are covered by more plant matter]]


ACR-8L4M: [[he looks around from his cover while the tank fires away with more beams. "burn it. burn. burn. burn. no. just this one. how to burn it. this is a boiler room. think machinery. to boil the water machines create heat. heat needs energy. energy needs fuel. fuel." he looks frantically around the room and finds a big metal tube with 'FUEL' written accross it.]] THANK. [[he sprints out of cover towards it, the plant tank drops to the ground and roots itself in hard, blasting away at blam as he tries to fire back, using the spike on his arm to try and repair it while trying to lift it up. he manages to get to the tube and jumps behind it.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he wedges himself between the tube and the wall. he can hear the plant tank charging up a big blast. "good." he pushes with his legs on the tube, his back on the wall as the metal starts to bend. he finishes the repairs on his shoulder and preps his cannon in missile mode. but doesn't put the spike away.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[the plant tank charges more as the pipe starts to tear. letting out a blast where it thinks blam it. but it goes too high, aiming at the tear in the top of the pipe and letting all the glowing orange fuel spill out as blam kicks the pipe forward. running across it and firing a missile at the tank. setting it ablaze. it slams into the walls and screams in a high pitched tone as blam shifts his cannon to energy mode and lands ontop of the tank, stabbing his spike into it and grabbing on, blasting away as it shouted and slammed him into the walls. each shot tears through it more with the fire stopping the regeneration. until he finds it in the center. the brain. he retracts the spike and grabs the brain with all his strength. ripping it out as he jumps off the tank.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he stands on the cold metal floor as the tank falls apart, all the vines and moss turing to mush as it seeps into the drains on the ground. he stares at the brain in his hands, pulsating, wriggling, and creating vines that try to cling to blam and spread over him. they simply grip down with all their force at once. popping it and splattering green matter all over itself. it wipes the matter off and the plants covering the exit start to wither away and crumble. he just looks at his hand. "i. enjoyed that fight. i should not. i hurt something. i killed something. again." he just stares more, before a loub beeping comes from his arm.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he opens the panel and a new alert is on the map. now in the 'power' area of the map. "i said i would do it. i will help. i will regret it." he starts walking towards the exit. a pathway into darkness as he turns on the chest light.]]

ENG-CHERAL: hey hey hey hello! i kept covering my eyes in the fight because that was kinda scarey but you won! the system keeps showing an icon of a smiley face and a thumbs up with a big thud so i think it thought that was cool too! and it was just a big skull plant thing with a big gun so it's probably kinda good you did that, like, i don't think good guys are normally covered in skulls and stuff you know? anyway i'm gonna focus on making stuff. also the system AI moved to your ship but it's still in the room thingie if you need it later! but i think it likes the ship a lot too!

ACR-8L4M: ... [["maybe i won't"]] THANK.