alright first log since i'm back and it's... a long one... better than what i had to go through earlier at least


ACR-8L4M: [[he's still pointing at the plant thing, his hand is helping hold the arm cannon still but he's shaking slightly.]]

PLANT THING: [[it takes another step inside and blam takes a step back.]] we... know... metal...

ACR-8L4M: [[he keeps shaking even more, "how is it talking. it's a plant. why is this one different. what does it mean? it can not know me. that does not make sense." ]]

ENG-CHERAL: blam? blam all the zombie things outside are just standing still now but it's really freaky and they're all around the ship i'm really screeped out right now and the bio-hazar-thingy is still blinking on the map and the system thing keeps saying it's scared and i'm scared-

PLANT THING: leave... us...

ACR-8L4M: [[he takes another step back, bumping into the control panel, he looks at it out of reflex for a moment, noticing a note 'FILES: 89056' he turns back to the plant thing and it's even closer now, it's eye twitching and shaking as it looks right into blam. the two just stare each other down.]] WHO. YOU.

PLANT THING: leave... us...

C85-SYSTEM: [[blam's arm panel opens and a text message appears.]] DON'T. PLEASE. BIO-HAZARD IS IN CONTROL PANEL. REMOVE AND RETURN TO CONTROL ROOM.

ACR-8L4M: [["i should just leave. i don't need to... the body was fresh. the plants were already on it. this plant knows me somehow." blam stares at the plant thing for a moment... "curiosity. i did not know i have that. it is very strong..." and he opens fire. smoke and plant matter fill the room as he rips into the control panel, tearing it apart until he reaches snother of those plant brain things. he just shoots it with another missile and blasts himself back in the explosion. "forgot to switch weapons." he starts to get up but then out of the smoke, one of the spiked hands of the plant thing rushes straight for blam's eye and hits it.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[footage keeps glitching and freezing and unfreezing here, but from what i can tell, blam pulled the spike out, then shot the plant thing with another missile. moving footage shows it regenerating so fast the missile didn't even matter so blam swaps to blasts and fires into it while trying to move away, he gets out the control room and onto the catwalk, footage clears up a little here as he starts to use the spike to repair some damage, but the plant thing comes right back at him again. footage freezes and cheral yells something i can't fully make out, only clear words are 'DON'T' and 'MELTDOWN']]

ACR-8L4M: [[from then on in the fight blam isn't shooting, the plant keeps coming at him fast so whenever footage is clear he's ripping at it and beating it down but it keeps getting back up and ripping at blam. he throws it away with all his strength and finally fully repairs his eye. footage fully fixes here and now we see that blam's body is covered in cuts and scratches from. a chunk of the outer metal from his arm is gone, revealing increadibly complex wiring underneath, almost like organic muscles and nerves but the material is unmistakeably synthetic. he takes a moment, then looks down to where he threw the plant thing.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[it's crawling across the pipes and walls and coming straight towards him.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he sprints up the catwalk stairs, his arm panel shows another message from the system telling him of a lift there. as he runs they can hear hissing and snarling grow closer and closer. the open elevator is in sight but the plant stretches one of it's arms, almost stabbing into blam but it barely misses.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he turns around and it's right on him. he smashes it's face with the arm cannon and grabs it by the neck, smacking it over and over as it tears as his body. caving it's head in but it just keeps regenerating.]]

PLANT THING: SKINLESS... METAL... OLDER... FAILURE... SOULLESS METAL. FRAIL METAL. WEAK METAL. [[it slashes at him again, forcing blam to let go as it digs a spike into his chest lights]] DYING METAL.

ACR-8L4M: [[blam lets out a scream, not like his artificial voice faking a scream but an actual, real, scream. and it's loud. his hand strains and green light sparks out of his chest. he uses all his strength to grab a railing on the catwalk, ripping it off and just jaming it into the eye of the plant. it hisses and shrieks, recoiling back enough for blam to grab the thing by the head and toss it down into the pit of the core. it falls down into the darkness... and out of sight...]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he stares into the pit for a minute. before struggling up the stairs and into the elevator. he hits the button to the control room and it closes, taking him down.]]

ACR-8L4M: [["pain. i can feel pain. it knew how to make me feel pain. i have never..." he starts to just repair himself, fixing each wound and cut and esspexially his chest. somehow this repair spike is able to basically just make new metal out of seemingly nothing to fix the parts ripped off. once fully repaired he opens his radio again.]] CHERAL. OKAY. QUESTION.

ENG-CHERAL: somehow we are! the zombie things started to close in but i managed to figure out the controls and made a gauntlet thing to let me use the part your arm cannon is meant for, so now we're up in the air! too far for the zombies to even shoot! but are you okay dude? you're readings were going super crazy! like they're fine now but i think i heard a scream from somewhere are you okay do you need help?

ACR-8L4M: NO... BLAM. IS... OKAY. ALSO. FOUND. FILE. CODE. [[he walks into the room, some small bits of moss are starting to grow at the edges of the room.]]

ENG-CHERAL: woah woah that's awesome! maybe we can find out why everyone is dead and stuff! wait that sounds bad like maybe we can do something to stop other planets dying to it and stuff you know like help people cuz until we get to the survivor fleet i'm gonna stick with you and so we can help people while we're in space together also i put a bed in the little extra empty room on your ship this thing is weird it didn't look like there was enough room on the outside for another room but there is and it's a pretty nice bedroom size so that's awesome!


ACR-8L4M: ...OKAY. [[he inputs the code, and thinks to himself while it all loads. "is being wanted different from debt? is most likely is but... curiosity... it will be simlar enough not to matter... i hope... hope. i can... wait... my ship does not have an extra room... cheral would not lie about that. but how could..." it finally loads up everything, a massive display with various files from various dates can be seen, the latest one dated to '3/OCT/2146']]

ACR-8L4M: [["...i think i may be some kind of thing... i will think more later. now i must learn from files."]]