ACR-8L4M: [[the file menu opens, it's clunky and just displays them all in a big list he has to scroll through with arrow keys. he starts to go through them one by one. most of them are corrupted and won't start but first one that opens shows security footage of the control room from the reactor, a group of guards are just lazing around while a technician checks over the controls. nothing much else happens. dated to 12/JUN/2146]]

ACR-8L4M: [[a few more broken ones, and the next is a short video with no audio showing a team of scientists in those lab areas from before, they all seem to be rather calm, one of them unboxes that repair spike blam found and looks over it before leaving the room. he comes back shortly later, probably having moved it to the storage room since he returns without it. dated 14/SEPT/2146]]

ACR-8L4M: [[more broken ones, and then just a series of mundane surface videos of the city above or the mall underground, all in varous dates of september. but then he finds something weird. it's footage of a lab, much darker and more advanced than any we've seen so far. there's a plant in a tank with something yellow forming on it. the scientists are looking over it but one looks different, his body is human but his head is glowing a bright pink that's causing lens flares over him that completely cover his head. he looks at the plant in the tank then leaves. dated 1/OCT/2146. "him. of all people. him..." blam's thoughts are interuppted by a familier voice on the radio]]

ENG-CHERAL: i can't see any of the files you're opening, find anything interesting?

ACR-8L4M: ...NO. QUESTION. CURRENT. TIME. DATE. [[he starts loading up the latest file, dated to 3/OCT/2146, below it is a file with no date called 'SELF DESTRUCT GUIDE']]

ENG-CHERAL: oh it's uhhhh hold on there's no extranet connection here i gotta remember what it was when i crashed cuz i haven't been here a full day just like a couple hours so uhhh...

ACR-8L4M: [[the video shows a wounded scientist, there's banging on the doors around him as he clutches a gun then turns to the camera, and speaks, 'alright, all ships destroied, can't spread to the galaxy at least... stars forgive us all... if you are hearing this, then our experiments on planet rulex-6 have gone wrong. we were told to find a way to help the plant-life on this planet grow, but thenwe were forced to turn our research into a bio-weapon... it worked too well, we can't control it and i'd say it's a matter of hours before all life on this world is dead. if you find this, please, show it to the galaxy, let them now, the council authorised this...' the door the banging was coming from breaks open, showing the plant-thing that talked to blam walking in. blam just looks away as the scientist screams and we hear sounds of... i don't want to describe it. when blam looks again the video has ended.]]

ENG-CHERAL: oh i've got it! it's the fifth of october! twenty one fourty six! is that important?

ACR-8L4M: [[he's silent and motionless. "two days."]]


ACR-8L4M: [["two days. it speaks. it thinks. and it took two days to wipe out all life on this planet." he leaves that file, and goes to the self destruct guide. it says that a bio-hazard level of 5 must be confirmed before this option can be done. the self destruct for the planet requires going to the bottom of the power core, and just blasting it with explosives until pipes burst and start to leak, a shockwave of kinetic energy will be released that will blast anyone durable enough to handle it to the surface, then they will have five minutes to get on a ship and escape before the atmosphere superheats to the point where any life inside it will be burned.]]

ENG-CHERAL: blam are you-




ENG-CHERAL: sir yes sir!!! gonna prep that now! soon as i figure it out! but i've got it don't worry!

ACR-8L4M: [[he walks away from the console, plants have been spreading through the room while he wasn't looking. he stomps them out as he leaves. "this plant may have answers for me. but i refuse to let something like it live. a parasite." he stomps more. "a slaughterer." he fires a missile at plants on the wall. "smart enough to know what it is doing. yet it continues it's feast of flesh." he starts firing at everything in the room, scorching it until no plants remain. he steps into the elevator, and presses the button for the power core.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[it arrives fast, he looks over the balcany and into the darkness of the pit. "i know i should not enjoy the thought of hurting a living being." he steps back from the railing. "but right now. when my enemy is a parasite." and he sprints forward, leaping into the darkness. "it just feels right."]]