next blam log, really hoping it's the biggest one i ever have to transcribe because it's... look at the scroll bar


ACR-8L4M: [[he keeps falling through the darkness, the light of all the pipes in the pit is the only light down there, bathing him in a pale orange as he keeps falling. "i have had many thoughts today. but down here... i will have less. it will help me fight. help me kill this... parasite. that word. it means something to me. i do not know why." from the darkness it seems utterly endless...]]

ACR-8L4M: [[until the floor appears and smashes him in the face as he crashes into it. it sounds likea car crash echoing through the pit, still echoing and repeating as he forces himself up and looks around.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[his flashlight turns on and reveals the room is small, quiet, narrow, and damp. the pipes are completely covered in plants now, but these ones are different, more vibrant, and pulsing and moving like muscle spasms. he tries to use the radio but all he gets is static. "it's here." ahead is a narrow passage, but it's the only way forward. he tilts his body to the side and shuffles in.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[his body scrapes against the metal and plants of the thin tunnel slowly getting thinner and slowing him down. there's dripping and hissing all around him. but it's at it's loudest behind.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he crouches down as the tunnel gets shorter, having to slow down even more. there's a sound like a beating heart getting louder as he goes deeper in.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[the tunnel gets shorter, he crawls across the floor, unable to see anything up ahead or behind. but he can hear breathing close behind himself.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he tries to speed up. but the tunnel is too narrow. he's crawling at a snail's pace. it's nearly impossible to tell if he's near an exit but he manages it. getting his hand out into a more open space as he grabs the ground to drab himself forward. "something is holding my leg."]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he drags with all his might. whatever grabbed him screams as the wet sounds of it's arm being torn off from the force of the drag echo through the cave. it rips and he finishes the pull, getting himself out the tunnel.

ACR-8L4M: [[the heart beat sound is getting louder, faster]]

ACR-8L4M: he scuttles away from it and fires the arm cannon down into it for 30 seconds non-stop. when he's done, there's no sign of whatever grabbed him.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[until it speaks.]]

plant thing: dying metal...

plant thing: dying metal...

ACR-8L4M: [[the shrill voice fades away as it repeats, getting more distant as blam stares the tunnel down. once it's gone, blam stands up and looks around.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[the room is massive. the walls are completely made of plants and reach up 50 ft high. all the plants look fresher than everywhere else on the planet, blooming flower heads litter the walls and light comes from their pollen. and in the centre of the room is a gigantic open seed, split down the middle and folded apart.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[the heartbeat is deafening now. and blam can see exactly why.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[inside the seed is... i don't even know how to describe it. it's like a beating himan heart made of plant matter, with artificial teeth made of bone sticking out of it. the beating walls of it are somewhat transparent, but extremely foggy. there's a figure inside it that's just still as blam stares at it. "the heart of this... parasite. this has to be where it all came from."]]

ACR-8L4M: [[blam tilts his head and looks behind the seed. spotting a series of glowing hot pipes that no plants can grow over. "that is the target." he tilts his head back to normal and looks at the seed again.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[the bones on it shift, all the skulls melded into the teeth moving to stare at blam and opening their mouths. a hundred voices all speak out in sync.]]

the seed: metal lurks upon my flesh... why has it come... why has it hurt us...

ACR-8L4M: [["it... feels... can i kill this thing? it can think. it can feel. it's an intelligent lifeform that... that... i have to stop being a coward."]]

the seed: the metal does not know... it cannot understand... the truth of-

ACR-8L4M: KILLER. [["it's smart enough to feel pain and it still killed all life on this planet. it can talk. it can communicate. and it still slaughtered them.]]

the seed: the metal does not-

ACR-8L4M: PARASITE. [[blam raises his arm and points it at the heart

the seed: the metal is stubborn... the metal truely is... him...

the seed: the metal dies here. [[the entire cavern pulses and shakes, parts of the walls rip themselves apart and rush at blam. stabbing into parts of his body as vines begin to grow across him.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[blam fires all five missiles into the heart. smoke fills the room as he forces himself free from the tendrils of plant stabbing into him. he grabs some of the vines growing on his body and rips them off as he leaps at the heart. stabbing the repair spike into it as all the skulls scream.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[tendrils grab skulls off the teeth and ram them into blam, gnawing on his limbs as he hammers into the heart with the carm cannon, firing as he punches the heart. pale green water starts to leak from it's wounds as the heart pulls itself up to the roof.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[it bashes a tooth into blam, making him fall all the way to the floor and crashing on his back. he rips off the skulls that are still gnawing on his body. not even bothering to try and repair the damage they did as he throws one back at the heart with enough force to pierce it and shake his arm panel open.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[water rushes out from the hole and blam gets a glimps of the figure inside it. black charred flesh that doesn't change from any light. and with some sort of red glow peaking out from under the skin.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[thats all he can see before more plant-mass rushes blam, stabbing into his wounds and spreading again. blam forces himself up and off the floor. stomping on the ground over and over while trying to rip the vines out but they're growing too fast. getting closer to whatever in his chest made him scream when he got hurt.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he turns away from the heart. looking at the hot pipes. "smart." he stomps his way towards them. his vision is starting to glitch. his arm panel just reads 'DYING DYING DYING' he keeps stomping on. reaching the pipes and just jamming his arm cannon into it. the orange solaranium bursts out and starts to flood the room. it sprays on blam's body and burns away the plants. "good." he fires a missile and there's a flash of white.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[my ears are still ringing from the sound of it, but the footage is just all white now. "i can not feel the ground anymore. am i falling? or rising? am i dead? this white emptiness? it is... calm... it is-" his thoughts are stopped as the white fades away and the sound of explosions and burning come to him. and the sight of a wall coming straight to his face.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he crashes through it, and then another wall, and another, and another, and we get glimpses of some previous areas on the way, the lab, the sewers, the mall, he's not crashing through walls. he's crashing through floors.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[after a few more crashes, there's no more floors, the explosion had enough force to send him up in the sky, looking down above all the buildings. the now burning buildings and the smoke filled sky. he begins to fall again. "at least i know it worked. cheral can escape. the plant is burning... i suppose i can d-" something collides with him in the air.]]

ACR-8L4M:[[he clings to the moving object, his body stuck to the front of it from sheer speed and force as he looks at the vibrant green t-shaped window of a small ship that looks like it's the same material as his gem-like shoulders and legs. and through the window, is cheral, jaw dropped as she stares at blam while rangling the controls. he opens up the radio.]] HELLO.



ENG-cheral: [[she slowly breathes in and out]] yeah... breathe... just like dad always said... thanks...

ACR-8L4M: [[he gives a small nod, then climbs up the ship and to the roof, a square hatch opens and he goes inside. now in the ship he walks over to cheral.]] YOU. OKAY. QUESTION.

ENG-cheral: yeah, i think... are you?

ACR-8L4M: ...NO.

ENG-cheral: oh... well um... huh... i don't know what to say so i'm just gonna start talking about things i like, you ever seen a show called neos ultra? it's really cool it's about this made up year called 20XX and like everything is connected to a cyberspace thing and no one is in space yet and there's this kid who-

the seed: WEAK FLESH. THE WEAKER METAL, LURKING, FLYING, DYING. NOT EVEN DUST SHALL REMAIN OF YOU. [[the voice echos everywhere, like it's coming from every single milimetre of plant matter on the planet


ENG-cheral: aye aye captain! [[she hops out the command chair as blam sits in and plugs his arm cannon into it's port.]]

ACR-8L4M: [[he looks out the window, tons of the plant matter is clumping itself together, rising and rising like a massive tower stem with the head blooming into a massive humanoid skull. "the familiarity of this... frightens me. but there is no time to think of that. there is only time to protect more than myself."]]