video log from the meeting chamber of the unity council, never thought we'd get something like this.


HCR_puralian: all ready for the meeting? [[the room is large, everything is very sleek and overly clean. extremely shiny pillars and statues around the massive room and everyone is sitting at a round table. puralian is a relativly normal human, wearing an orate dark green officer suit with several medals and gilded shoulder pads. also he's white and his hairline is receeding]]

HCR_QUEEN: queen of the bugssssters, ready. [[she makes several clicks after finishing the sentence. she's a 9ft tall mantis with no eyes and her mouth glows purple on the inside, her body is covered in a dark green armour plating with the slightly softer flesh underneath being a deep orange you can see at her joints]]

HCR_metalacris: representative of mechanoids. ready as always for meeting. [[it's voice is like a text to speech bot. it's body looks old and clunky, like something an earth human in the 1950's would imagine a robot to be, all painted silver with the red paint underneath peaking through in flakes. it's head looks like a lightbulb that glows as it talks. it doesn't have legs, having tank treads instead.]]

HCR_thudomaz: thudomaz, council member of the east quadrant's many species. ready. [[he's a large ball with several tentacles and one big red eye in the middle, his body reflects light like motor oil]]

HCR_BRALOK: bralok, wizard of wizards, ready for this little meeting. [[she's an old and clearly powerful wizard, massive long white beard, star covered cloaks and capes, and a giant pointy hat.]]

HCR_puralian: very well, now, for starters: the war against the empire is going very slowly right now, no major events have occured, just small skirmishes and battles. if we could get some mystical support then-

HCR_BRALOK: nay! the empire has no wizards [[a loud thud is heard right after she says that]] so i cannot interfere until they do. it is the laws of mystic combat.

HCR_QUEEN: perhapsss i could send more bugsss, we have plenty of cattle connected to the hivemind that would be easy to send asssss skirmishing troopssss

HCR_thudomaz: we have not time to worry about such things! one of my planets has completely lost contact with the rest of our networks! rulex-6 has gone completely silent! last thing we got from it showed it was covered in plants! [[there's a silence at the table]] ... IT'S A DESERT WORLD!!!

HCR_metalacris: that is not normal. you should burn it.

HCR_QUEEN: let us all c-c-c-calm down now yes? we musssst be civil and focussss on one issue at a time

HCR_puralian: thank you queen. teams will be sent to investigate in due time, there is no need to worry thudomaz, we'll make sure your planet is safe

HCR_thudomaz: alright... alright yes... thank you...

HCR_BRALOK: i doubt he actually will

HCR_metalacris: change of topic. finances and budgets of all companies and factions in council. [[there's an audible groan from everyone at the table except the mechanoid]]