This log seems to be from a cruiser class ship, text conversation between two of them while in the paraline sector. Nasty bit of space up north.


CRU-FA-8: this is officer mudnoss of cruiser FA-8, hailing to request conversation. over.

CRU-REG-345: this is captain crulix of cruiser REG-345, no need to be too formal there officer, we're all just troops out here. where's your captain?

CRU-FA-8: gone sir, we just got out of a real bad battle against some pirates. we've repaired the damage but i've had to assume command of the ship.

CRU-REG-345: stars be with us. it's a damn shame you had to go through that, just stick with us, this sector is a nightmare and a half for rookies. don't know why they put old fate out here

CRU-FA-8: will do sir, but what's old fate? is it bad? should i be watching out for it?

CRU-REG-345: " HA HA ! ! ! " no no mudnoss, it's the ship you're in now. very old model, sturdy, expensive, they don't make 'em like that anymore. i used to serve on it before i got my own. always keep that main gun cooled though. tends to explode a little if you don't maintain it right

CRU-FA-8: i'll keep that in mind sir, but if you don't mind me asking... why did you type your laugh like that? it's rather... unique.

CRU-REG-345: " HA ! ! ! " it's to show how big of a laugh it was my boy! and it show just how many HA's i did, you should try it some time! gets your crew properlly psyched up. i once did it on a battle in planet pulos-5, rallied the troops up with enough morale to make a final stand against an armada of bugster pirates swarming at us with their powerful blade arms, without a good " HA ! ! ! " we would never have survived. they got close enough to give my beard a good cut before they retreated! lost 5 years of glory in one slice

CRU-FA-8: wow, i heard about that battle! didn't realise you were there! those pirate bugs give a bad name to us, utter disgraces to the queen!

CRU-FA-8: sorry, i got a little too in the moment there sir.

CRU-REG-345: nonsence my boy! keep up that energy! you'll need it next time those pirates come around. but for now, let's close the chat and focus on flying, just follow me through the asteroid field lad

CRU-FA-8: roger roger sir! closing text channel now.