This seems to be a transcript from an arrest, not sure when or where or who's even getting arrested here.


TROOP-ZR45: YOU HAVE NOWHERE TO RUN! SURRENDER NOW, WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED! [[a wave of clicks and clacks from various guns getting primed]]

ACR-8L4M: OH. NO. [[mechanical whirring and sounds from putting it's hands up]]

TROOP-ZR45: adaptive combat robot 8L4M, you are under arrest for several charges including: various forms of physical assault and homocide against law enforcement, theft, leaking of government secrets, trespassing, vandalism, and possession of illegal weaponry. once inside the station you will be provided with a legal representative and have the right to remain silent unless questioned directly. do you under-


TROOP-ZR45: that... remains to be proven, you're still being taken in-


TROOP-ZR45: listen here you stupid gizm- mechanical. you are under arrest. a-r-r-e-s-t, you know what that means right? it means you don't get a choice in coming with us or not. so just shut up and-

ACR-8L4M: [[there's a loud DING and a mechanical click, then audio starts playing from the robot's right hand.]] if you are hearing this, then our experiments on planet rulex-6 have gone wrong. we were told to find a way to help the plant-life on this planet grow, but thenwe were forced to turn our research into a bio-weapon... it worked too well, we can't control it and i'd say it's a matter of hours before all life on this world is dead. if you find this, please, show it to the galaxy, let them now, the council authorised this... [[there's a metal slamming sound followed by horrible hissing and snarling and screaming, then it ends and swaps back to it's normal voice.]] SEE. QUESTION.

TROOP-ZR45: ...

TROOP-ZR45: GUN THIS GIZMO DOWN! [[a deafening amount of laser shots being fired. and a lot of explosions and screams]]

ACR-8L4M: [[a lot of heavy metal footsteps and large chunky laser shots being fired. goes on for half an hour until it all quiets down]]

ACR-8L4M: MANY. DEAD. . . . . . BAD.