video log from a storage room on karak-5, nothing really important with this log you might as well skip it you know it's just kinda normal very normal you don't need to worry about it


GRD-FE-45: [[he's sitting in a chair fiddling with his laser rifle]] so... heck we doin' here? [[he's wearing the standard bulky green military armour of a council trooper, but even on his own he's massive. with a huntched back and rocky grey skin visible thanks to his helmet lacking a mouthplate]] like we's just been sittin here guardin' a room wit' some boxes and notin' else!

GRD-FE-89: [[they're wearing simlar armour, except it's lower half is a series octopus-like tentacles that wind around each other to form legs]] i don't know, [[it taps on a clip-board he's holding and then points at a clock on the wall]] but we only have about five more mins in here then we need to head somewhere else

GRD-FE-45: yeah yeah... y'knows, i maybe shoulds picked up eatin cigarettes, my cousin's been doin' it for years and he's doing pretty alright y'knows?

GRD-FE-89: ...i think you're just all insane perhaps. maybe a little bit zany. or wacky even. or-

very-normal-awesome-guy-who-isn't-me: CRAP CRAP CRAP- [[a skinny pale human with glowing green eyes and a metal gast mask covering their mouth and nose runs through the room at full speed. he's wearing a bright green jacket that covers his chest but leaves the thin metal waist and midriff exposed and black pants with a big 'TL' on the back of the jacket. on his left thigh is a holster but no gun in it, his calves and feet are covered by big golden boots, same with his hands, covered in massive gold gauntlets that look even bigger thanks to the lack of sleeves showing his arms are also thin and metallic. his hair is also messy and blonde i forgot to say that. also he isn't me. totally.]]

GRD-FE-89: WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE STARS IS- [[before it can finish, that bald trenchcoat person thing i mentioned in a previous log rushes through as well, random objects getting torn apart as he goes past. he's going extremely quickly but his body movements just look like walking. he's also screaming at a pitch i can't even fully hear. the camera gets torn apart as he goes past.]]