seems to be a continuation of this log


GNT-44-56: okay, out the cart. we're here. [[lots of shuffling and rocking on the car as they all get off, then sandy heavy footsteps]] no guards in the towers, cut the vent open now

GNT-44-60: about time, [[some clicks as he turns on a blowtorch, then loud sizzling as he burns through something]] just glad they make these things walkin' size, perks of bein' all alien friendly huh?

GNT-44-57: i suppose, but being friendly to non-humans means their technology has to be build around everyone, leading to more possible weaknesses. and all the fleas and gizmos they let run around there, bleh...

GNT-44-56: alright save the hatred for when we get to the target, it's a straight shoot there so get their flamethrowers ready right now

GNT-44-60: yes sir!

GNT-44-57: affirmative!