another log from the scarlet palace. i don't have much to say on this one...





SCARLET-EMPEROR: [[camera viewpoint is the helmet cam of a grunt guarding a door. the emperor is storming towards it in his armour.]] IS SHE IN THERE!?

GRT-F67-5: yes sir! they-

SCARLET-EMPEROR: [[he slams on the massive golden door]] DAUGHTER!!! OPEN UP!!! I KNOW YOU SABOTAGED THE PROJECT!!!

SCARLET-PRINCESS: [[he shouts through the muffled door]] GO AWAY DAD I HATE YOU DIE

SCARLET-EMPEROR: [[he lets out a massive roar and punches a massive hole in the door]] YOU'RE GETTING NO FOOD FOR THE REST OF TODAY YOU SELFISH BRAT [[he storms off, stomping down the halls and shaking them, muttering]] she's a pathetic excuse for an heir...

GRT-F67-5: ...he's gone. [[the door opens slightly and the guard steps in. closing it behind him and sitting down next to the "princess" on the floor of the overly massive and messy room]] he's getting worse...

SCARLET-PRINCESS: UGH I KNOW! he's so awful i just want him to DIE ALREADY UGH!!!

GRT-F67-5: yeah... biggest idiot bastard the universe has ever known... you still getting messages from the uh... you know?

SCARLET-PRINCESS: oh you bet! ze even hooked me up with some of the good stuff! [[he points over to a bottle of testosterone gel with a blue hedgehog mascot on it]] ohhhh dad's gonna be so pissed at that

GRT-F67-5: ohhh you bet! i uh, i've probably gotta go now. stupid shifts and all that

SCARLET-PRINCESS: yeah yeah, [[he gives the grunt's helmet a small kiss that... meant a lot...]] see ya garalin

GRT-F67-5: see ya, and don't worry, we're gonna get outta here