another transcript from that one particularly incompotent empire cruiser. gonna just upload this one fast and work on some other ones


HAC-XC14: halt your vessel! this is captain john cralcataxalacataxalacataxalatuctawalterwhitetalaxa of the hyper attack cruiser XC14, serving the glorious scarlet eternity empire. your trade and cargo cruiser is in empire space! you must pay a toll to pass further. submit to it or perish to our infinite, overpowering, glorious, holy-

TRCAR-123-AL: woah woah now partner! i'm just a humble trader! i surely ain't got enough for that toll, lemme just scoot on back outta this space and be on my way, fair?

HAC-XC14: not fair in the slightest, "part-ner" [[not sure how you make partner derogatory but he found a way]] you enter the space, you pay the toll, that's how it works. now fork over the monets before things get particularly ugly! 50,000 right now!!! [[after doing some math i figured that one monet is about 456.86 earth american dollars, according to their value in your dimension in 2015 AD, hope this helps]]

TRCAR-123-AL: 50,000? AUH THAT'S- YOU- YOU CAN'T JUST... oh wait partner look out!!! ohio is right behind you!!! [[sounds of a warp engine powering up]]

HAC-XC14: WHAT? NO IT- [[a loud boom from a ship rocketing off with a warp drive]] DAMN IT DAMN IT DAMN IT DAMN IT! EVERYTIME WE TRY TO DO THE FAKE TOLL THIS HAPPENS! ... WE'LL GET IT RIGHT EVENTUALY!!!


the first sound life made in the universe was a scream. but not of fear or pain, worry not your mind. a scream of joy. but why? what had it done? what had been done to it? the stars screamed with it. then another life. then another star. until all screamed. then came the rhythm. then came the song. then came the instrument. then came the words. then came the actions. then came the mind. then came the thought. then came more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more.

then life touched the universe by reaching up more and more. then life spread across with the stars guiding a path. the song kept growing. the voices and the stars kept singing with each other. the universe sang in harmony. but one voice stopped.

and from flesh was ripped the bone. from bone was ripped the flesh. to rips the souls were sewn. to close, the eyes never could. to stop, the flesh never would. to stop, the pain never would. to feed, it always would. no names for this existed. so new ones were made. the -------- . the ----- . names that mean less now. names that mean less. for you. but two words for this were always there. two words that would forever define it.

two colours.

--- and ----- .

for the universe was too smart to stop it.