a log from a camera in a bar. i really wanna figure out why the hell these guys have their own text colour but i haven't got anything that shows why yet


bartender: [[the camera is mounted to the back of the bar, giving a view of the whole small place, it's fairly packed with patrons, can't identify the species of most of them, they either look very human or well... one of them is a death horse on a labcoat and another is just a bunch of floating shapes. the bartender himself is a slime person who's made of some oily reflective material, the type that shifts between a bunch of colours and stuff.]] i ain't givin' you any booze, you're like 12 or somethin'!

hira: I'M 16 IT'S DIFFERENT! I DESERVE PURE ETHANOL!!! [[she's banging at the bar counter and looking visibly angry]]

nihl: [[she's up on a stage at the side singing some kind of really screamy metal song while shredding on the guitar, there's a bit of a crowd cheering her on]]

lakrror: [[he's sitting at the back of the bar with seno, staring at him wide eyed]]

seno: [[he is eating a book]]

bartender: look, i'll get you and your friends some juice and food alright? on the house since ye helped out the town but you ain't gettin' drunk mate

hira: ...fine [[she grumbles to herself as the bartender slides back into the kitchen. meanwhile, a humanoid in a gas mask and cloak keeps staring at her, then a piece of paper he's holding, then back to her and back to the paper over and over]]

bounty hunter: hey wait a minute... THAT'S HIRA!!! [[he points dramatically at her... and gets no reaction from the bar except silence]]

lakrror: [[he looks around terrified and notices that seno is gone, leaving the half eaten book on the table]]

bounty hunter: the bounty lord's got a price on her and he friends! let's get her and split it and-

random bar person: what the hell is wrong with you???

bounty hunter: what's wrong with me? you're the ones turning down some gold and-

seno: SHUT UP YOU SMELL BYE [[seno just grabs the guy with both hands and throws him through an open window. the hunter screams as he flies through the air and it goes extremely distant... then there's an explosion sound]]

bartender: alright i'm back! [[he lays down multiple plates, each one having a burger and some fries. except the burger is blue and looks kind of like a jellyfish, he gets back to serving other customers as seno lakrror and nihl rush over to their plates]]

lakrror: we should get moving again soon, it'd be smart to head nor-

hira: what if i summoned beasts to attack you?

seno: [[i don't know how but all his food is gone in seconds]] that would be scarey don't do that

nihl: it might be funny though

lakrror: i really don't think it would be

hira: it would be sooooo wacky and silly though

seno: but you would scare him! look at lakrror he would be so scared!

lakrror: i-

seno: he would be so scaed he would die and that would be bad!

lakrror: i. sure. thanks seno

nihl: damn can't argue with seno, he can literally.

seno: real?

hira: the realest