video log from some kind of camera mounted to the top of a car's windsheild on a desert planet of some kind. i checked this one over and over there's nothing weird in it except the new font colour


hira: the car is completely yiiked out. sad. [[she closes the hood of the car over the engine, it all looks like old scrap-metal that's been bolted and welded together tons of times.]] we're gonna have to steal a new one, probably commit violence on the way [[she leans on the hood. she looks about 15-16, magenta messy hair almost going down to her shoulders but it looks like it was cut by herself without a mirror. also like she hasn't ever seen a comb. the shoulders on her mechanical arms are also magenta, along with armplates on the wrists but other than that it's all grey. her legs follow the same theme with magenta kneepads connecting her organic parts to the cybernetic grey legs and more plating on the feet. their clothes seem to just be an oversized yellow vest and a pair of black shorts, or jeans with the legs rolled up. oh and it's eyes are also magenta]]

nihl: [[another girl walks over, about a year older than hira black hair done into a ponytail and with a lot of the front hair swept over her right eye so there's no way to see it. she's fiddling with a black and yellow guitar. black irises and pale white skin]] ... you just wanna like. steal stuff again. or something. [[her voice is comically monotone. low pitched and droning but not annoying]] the car's like... normal isn't it. [[her outfit seems to be a black leather jacket with the sleeves rolled up over the same yellow vest as hira, but it fits her much better. she's also a head taller than hira. their hands have black bandages wrapped around them in the exact same way for each, and she's wearing black jeans and large black and yellow boots, with a part going up her legs being yellow, the main foot part being black, and the soles being yellow.]]

hira: no! i'm just a silly little girl okay! i'm just a little wacky! i would never do that! look there's a town nearby and-

nihl: we're not stealing more car parts.

hira: GGRRRGGRRASASAASASARGSARGASRASRGSAR [[she foams at the mouth and honestly that text is the only possible way to describe that noise]]

lakrror: what in the hell are both of you doing!? [[lakrror looks dramatically different, completely non-human, but looks about the same age as hira. competely white eyes and his skin is a charcoal black. no nose and his mouth is small. he's got a sword with a black handle and a blue handguard in his back along with a small round blue shield. and is wearing all blue knight armour. there are much lighter blue clothes under his round chestpiece and boots. his helmet has nothing to cover his face other than an eyeshield thing with those vericle lines, but he has that folded up. also he sounds british.]] i was trying to read and-

hira: oooooo boooooks, that's gonna be real helpful when we get attacked by fiends and beasts. [[she sarcastically waves her hands around as she speaks]]

lakrror: STOP IT!!! we're in the middle of a perfectly safe dune there are no beasts out here. none at all. mhm yeah. it's normal out here very normal nothing to be scared of okay? there's no- [[someone walks up to lakrror from behind. a bit taller than him, orange hair and an orange ripped shirt that only covers his chest and has no sleeves. on their hands are black fingerless gloves with orange wristbands, his eyes are a bright orange and his skin is tanned wirh freckles. his black jeans have tons of rips in them and black shoes with orange soles.]]

seno: wha happen? [[his voice is sort of soft, but high pitched and cheerful]]

lakrror: AAAHHH- oh. hello seno, hira says the car is broken but it's probably fine.

hira: yeah we neeeeeed to steal things or it won't ever drive again!

seno: hmmmmmmmm [[he takes a while of humming to ponder it...]] no your are lying [[he seems to take random pauses in his sentenses inconsistently]]

hira: CRAP!!! well, there's other chances for-

seno: [[he sniffs the air for a second then gets a huge smile, showing that he has two teeth that are much larger and sharper than the rest]] oh!!! there's a good food smell in the town over there! let's go!!! [[he starts sprinting over before anyone can even react]]

lakrror: SENO NO! AFTER HIM!!! [[he jumps into the car followed by nihl who has yet to show a single facial expression]]