a video recording of an executive meeting between a bunch of adnet higher ups guys. can't decide if they're worse than the empire or not.


executive_1: let's get this meeting started. executives! ideas! now! [[several of these guys are just like, the exact same rish white old guy copy and pasted]]

executive_2: i say we need more of those learning and adapting combat robots! last one we ordered from tacti-corp did swimmingly! [[a lot of grumbling in agreement from the other clone things]]

executive_fruit: that's only the second one tho, [[this one is thankfully different, a mechanoid with a flat featureless white face, he expresses with a holographic pink mouth and pink energy hair that always moves like there's wind even though nothing else is. the torso is a heart shaped pink piece of metal with a screen on it showing random ads with a pink tint. his arms are white and bend and stretch like tubes with pink gloved hands at the end. his waist is a tube as well and leads to a black sphere that connects to the tube legs, ending in spikes]] and he's sooooo annoying. first one was at least kinda hot

executive_3: let's change the topic then! how's the efforts in killing the stupid booboo bear karak?

executive_S: [[a speaker on the table pipes up]] slow. he's stupid and everyone on this crew is annoying. i'm going to kill all of them.

executive_2: excellent! now if we just keep selling guns to both the empire and the council, out stocks should... GO UP!!! [[there's a massive amount of cheering from the clones, all celebrating like this is the greatest possible thing in the universe. i don't know what a stock is.]]

executive_fruit: wait wait don't kill karak too soon strilix, he's kinda ho-

executive_S: whore.

executive_fruit: so true

executive_S: shut up. explode. warden system. calculate the chances of blam escaping the planet he's on right now. the one with the plants.

WARDEN: [[a monitor on the wall shows staticy footage of what looks like a giant pale brain covered in wires connecting it to a massive orange machine]] ANALYSING... CONFIRMED. TARGET HAS A. 3.4534343454353 PERCENT CHANCE OF. SURVIVING. [[their voice is deep, mechanical and somewhat monotone but not extremely robotic, like a voice doing a really good job being robotic but there's a slight tint of personality]]

executive_S: excellent.


executive_S: no.