transcript of a deal going on at some kind of space-shop, not sure of the location


allan-al: welcome to al's allsorts! where we've got all the sorts you can and can't think of! what're ya buyin' this time partner?

sprictix-taila: somethin' a bit un-usu-al this time partner. 8765 kilograms of potassium. i got the monets for it

allan-al: well holy moly stars and void! you sure you got the space to haul all'a that? we ain't got it in the uh... conventional means of storage

sprictix-taila: i ain't got other options now, boss is gettin' real frustratered about it all, y'know how it is

allan-al: oh i do indeed, so who's the boss this week?

sprictix-taila: [[she taps her badge a few times]] y'know how it is

allan-al: oh righty right! well, let's just get that order sorted out [[mechanical keyboard clicking at a rapid pace]] all done! [[industrial equipment moving crates and beeping and clanking all the way]]

sprictix-taila: those are uh... why're you puttin fruits into the cargo bay?

allan-al: don't your ship always have a fruit or two in it?

sprictix-taila: ... the 'tassium's in banana form ain't it?

allan-al:'s on the house today

sprictix-taila: void damn better be