video log again, from that one shop of karak 5 but there's something weird here, i can't tell who or what could have recorded this. no security camera details or anything just, really good high definition (480p) footage


allan-al: [[allan is a fairly large humanoid, about 6ft tall and very round. his head has one eye and a few buck teeth, blue skin and frizzy hair stickint out of a few holes in his had, his clothes are a set of baige engineering uniforms with a pink apron over the top]] howdy! welcome to al's all- well butter my biscuits and call me a hood ornament! cheral tri-

ENG-cheral: SHHHHH!!! i'm trying to lay low! cops are after me and and think... you know... is somewhere here as well. we just really need some engine parts but i don't have any money but i knew you would still be here so please please please can we get a capacitor? [[she's wearing a tattered cloak over her normal outfit... it's not really doing much to disguise her]]

allan-al: hey hey, ain't no problem, your pops always said i owed you as much as i owe him, so for her sake? you're gettin' 5 on the house!

ENG-cheral: oh thank you thank you thank you!!!

allan-al: [[he starts rummaging through a few nearby crates]] just one quicky of a question, you said 'we' need these thangs, so who're you with?

ENG-cheral: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [[heavy mechanical footsteps approach]] this guy!

ACR-8L4M: GREETING. NAME. IS. . . NOT. BLAM. [[he's wearing a simlar cloak but it's much larger, and very scorched]] AM. NORMA- NORMA- NORMA- NORMA- CANNOT. FINISH. WORD.

ENG-cheral: [[she's visibly shaking and sweating]] uh haha!!! anyway we gotta go because you know. uhhhhhh [[there's a giant bollboard in the distance showing a wanted poster for blam]] please don't report us

allan-al: [[he gives a soft chuckle]] partners, if i was the kinda fella to report suckers to the cops, i'd'a never made friends with your pops cheral [[he hands over a box that blam holds]]

ENG-cheral: woohoo!!! thank you!!! and remember, if you see someone with my dad's face and voice,

allan-al: scream and run till the void! see you round cheral!

ACR-8L4M: [[it tilts it's head and rapidly swaps it's gaze between the two of them, before walking off with cheral]]

allan-al: [[he gets back to sorting out supplies, meanwhile the wanted poster for blam turns into a... well it's using the same mugshot but... exec-fruit clearly made it judging from the text is all i will say on the matter.]]