transcript of a space battle, data seems to show it's from the lilac sector. nice bit of space down south, i heavily reccomend it.


luxruox-15: this is the levo-corp luxury cruiser luxoroux-15, please state your buisness parking in front of our flight path.

split-ray-5: this is the split-ray-5, raider union fighter craft. you got monet coins, and we want 'em. so we can do this the easy way or the hard way mates. mhm?

luxruox-15: if you'd like you enter our multi-level hyper casino then please book a trip with-

split-ray-5: you a bit dense?

luxruox-15: i... what?

split-ray-5: we are robbing you. you know, stealing? violence? blasting you until we get money?

luxruox-15: sir, that is illegal

split-ray-5: ... yes. it is. your point is?

luxruox-15: well, if it's illegal you can't do it

split-ray-5: ... imma open fire now. yeah? [[rapid laser cannon fire]]

luxruox-15: SIR THIS IS EXTREMELY UNCALLED FOR AND I- [[several explosions and a shower of metal clinking and clanging, then a massive SWOOSH sound like a vacuum]]

split-ray-5: bloody stars mates! hit 'em right on the vault! grab those coins lads!