this log is... i'm kinda scared i'll be honest. you'll see why


allan-al: well ain't this somethin' special? [[he's in a brown spacesuit, hard to tell what he looks like under it but the helmet is an orange glass orb, too reflective to see inside of it. there's a couple silver tubes going in and out of the suit, flexing with his heavy breathing. he's walking along a big silver pole that's just perfectly still out in space]] the heck even is this thing? never seen anyone talk about it

DRONER-4657: [[close behind him is a very basic looking short guard drone, easy to buy and hire and equiped with a very bland looking gun, literally just a "m4" from your world but with a yellow light coming out the barrel. the robot itself is thin and flimsy, like a skeleton robot with a big old camera for a head and a plastic yellow paintball vest]] BEEP.

allan-al: yeah didn't think you'd say too much fella [[the two keep walking and i wonder where the camera even is here, it's tracking them along the walk but they don't even seem to know they're being recorded]]

allan-al: [[the walking goes on for a good ten minutes or so, a ship passes by in the distance but doesn't notice them.]] wonder where this thing-

DRONER-4657: BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. [[the drone starts firing away at something behind the two of them, but a faint orange glow forms around it and the drone gets torn apart, it's pieces scattering around through space at high speeds]]

allan-al: oh heck naw partner! i'm outta here! [[he uses a pair of rocket boots to just launch out of there,whatever broke the drone doesn't seem to even try to stop him]]

???: [[a somewhat tall man wearing a black trench coat walks into frame, his skin is somewhat pale and his head is perfectly bald. he turns to look at the camera and his eyes are open all the way constantly, they're oddly big for a human as well. his mouth moves in extremely exageratted ways as he talks]] you saw that i saw that little scarey wasnt it buddy pal friend chum you already know me big text talk guy i havent done it yet no i havent but times a bit funny isnt is oh yeah funny fun fun times in time all around for me but not you no no not you at all no funny wacky zany silly moments for you because youre gonna die im gonna beat you to death and itll make someone real sad real angry theyre gonna cry piss their pants maybe the thid thing too that buncha wannabe gods sittin in the garden the garden you havent met them yet but you have you will bootstrap funny times but not fun for you oh no no just pain for you pain and me beating you to death garalin malkatros. [[he just stops existing on camera when he finishes, like he teleported away in one frame.]]