audio transcript, i think i've heard of the main one talking here... haven't heard anything good.


STRILIX: aw geez boss, we're stuck on this moon all alone! [[it's voice is high pitched and feels like someone doing a parody voice while reading an awful comic and trying to sound as annoying as possible]]

gumpington_chadjockster: fear not my incompotent sidekick, for as long as we have our space-suits on. sponsored by adnet. we'll be fine, we simply need to wait until those nerds in my ship can pick us up.

STRILIX: wow, you're so amazing! but can they even hear us out here?

gumpington_chadjockster: probably not, i'd say it's about an hour before the ship comes in range to- [[several explosions in the distance, along with clown horns, metal clanging, an elephant noise, fast footsteps, a splat, and several yells]] ...

gumpington_chadjockster: well THAT just- [[glass shattering and a series of wet crunches]]

gumpington_chadjockster: [[SIGNAL LOST]]

STRILIX: [[wet dripping sounds]] that was the single most annoying target i have ever gone after. [[his voice is much deeper now, more formal as well and there's a bit of a british accent to it.]] i better kill the contractor for this. spare myself more trouble. [[footsteps, followed by a beep from sone kind of device]] new contract already. hm... karak saamtavv... accepted.