video transcript log! i've been trying to find more of these videos, transcripting them gets a lot more detail in. anyway this seems to be from a raider union office


faro-commy: [[sorting out a stack of paper to get it all aligned while sitting at his desk, it's a metalic room with a window to space on the side and some motivational posters about workers uniting on the walls, he's wearing a blue shirt and a yellow tie that matches his blue skin, oddly he is wearing a pair of glasses for humans despite only having one eye. other than that his body is very human-like]]

metmo-x: [[the door opens and a robot walks in, he tries to shuffle sideways threw the door, he's very large and blocky. big shoulder pads, and a black torso. his limbs are all gunmetal grey and his left hand is a massive rotary canon with 8 barrels. his head is a simple cube with a glowing red visor across the front of it and panel lines on his head form a square panel where the mouth should be on an organic]] heya, you're mr commy right? [[he sits down, the mouth plate doesn't move as he speaks but the visor glows brighter with every syllable]]

faro-commy: that's right, raider-union representative faro commy, you must be metmo then? please take a seat

metmo-x: alrighty boss, [[he sits down and the seat immediatly breaks apart]] uh... sorry

faro-commy: no need to be, insurance will cover it. so, you wanted to make a complaint about your previous organisation?

metmo-x: yeah yeah, so i was with deez guys for a while y'know? pay was awful all the time, had me workin' crazy long jobs with no breaks, swarm troopers deys was called, last straw was when my old boss called me a gizmo! stupid idiot, i taught him a lesson or two! then got outta there! now i need a new merc job, somethin' permanent y'know?

faro-commy: well then i have wonderful news, we have heavy policies on discrimination in the workplace and we've got the best pay in the galaxy for mercs. you'll have flexible hours and a whole lot of other benefits with us, AND we won't punish you for any crimes commited when not on the job!

metmo-x: REALLY?! [[he stands up out of excitement, bopping his head against the roof and poking a hole in it]] uh... sorry

faro-commy: no need to be, so back on topic, yes indeed the pirate union can offer all of that to you, only quote on quote downsides are that you get less jobs because we're more expensive so you'll be spending more time relaxing than you probably did previously. just sign here [[he slides over a paper]] and we'll get it all sorted out

metmo-x: now das good stuff! [[a small laser shoots from the visor and burns in his name onto the paper]]

metmo-x: so when do we get all started and stuff?