audio log from an unknown location, seems to be a trade between a pirate and... something


METMO-X: alright we uh... you alright buddy?

???: [[the voice is heavily distorted, like static and random reversed audio playing over his speech but you can just about make out his words]] y-yes i'm quite alright... allow us t-t-to get get thisss deal onwards sh-all we?

METMO-X: yeah alright [[he slams something down, there's a heavy heavy thud]] two hundredy litres of gen-you-ine sol-ar-an-ium red, so how's the-

???: 8000 m-monets sent sent straight to y-y-you now. thank you thank you thank-than for your ssservice machine... this is utt-t-t-t-terly excellent...

METMO-X: well i been meanin' to ask, what's a wacky fella like you gotta use all this stuff for? if i'm thinkin' right the red stuff is used for bombs and all that

???: i-i-i am a man of of science. this is a-a-a delicate oper-operationnnn... your employerss need not...worry themselves over sssssuch trivial m-m-m-matters as me...

METMO-X: ...alright whatevers, see ya later buddy [[heavy metal footsteps as he leaves. it takes a while but eventually he's completely gone.]]

???: ...oh... alpha-alpha ALPHA ALPHA A-A-A-ALPHA ALPH- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA alpha. you're in for such a- such a shock soon... soon my old f-f-f-flame...