video log from a pirate ship, they got this one to me on a motherboard but there was something weird about it, the metal was warped and stretched and had this massive bumps on it, like... metal tumours...


SLICKTUS-TRICKTA: [[he's sitting in the pilot seat, clutching his chest with one hand and trying to use the controls with the other. her outfit is like a classic cowboy, bit hat, duster, all the kinds of boots and stuff you'd expect. she seems to be tall and his skin is pale white, his hair is messy and short and a deep pinkish red]] c'mon you stupid- void damned- YES! [[there's an echo that seems to be getting louder]]

SLICKTUS-TRICKTA: sending this message to the mafia orphanage of the karak-5 hypercity. get this damn thing to cheral trickta... [[she coughs out some green blood]] damn it... alright girl, this is your papa, i'm sorry... i ain't comin' home anytime soon... there's somethin' bad after me and it ain't giving up. it just aint. you gotta get this thing to al, karak, crombulous, all the rest ya hear? if you see somethin' that looks and talks like me... you run till the void you hear? you don't stop runnin' not now not ever... i love ya girl [[the echo kept gettng louder and closer throughout the message, she hits a button to end and send it but something comes around the door behind him. like a hand made of thin black strings covered in a flashing red aura.]]

SLICKTUS-TRICKTA: [[footage cuts to static but when it returns, there's no sign of slicktus. the lights are all off and the room has been torn apart, tons of the metal has those tumours i mentioned. it's then just 5 hours of footage of this empty room]]