another audio log from these two, just something nice after all the. stuff. recently.


ENG-SMITO: hey jak?

ENG-JAKLAS: yeah smitto?

ENG-SMITO: so remember when we said there were no holes on the surface?


ENG-SMITO: well uh... so turn around

ENG-JAKLAS: [[shuffling and a tink as he puts down some equipment]] hm... [[footsteps going aray from smitto]] okay... [[footsteps going back to him]] mhm... yeah... i get it...

ENG-SMITO: oh you do? then please enlighten me on how and why there is a. DISAPPEARING BOTTOMLESS HOLE THAT REAPPEARS WHEN YOU'RE CLOSE TO IT!!!

ENG-JAKLAS: well obviously it's some kind of trap, like those tarps with a pit under them

ENG-SMITO: then why does it go away *BEFORE* you get near enough to fall in?

ENG-JAKLAS: well clearly they're trying to scrungly dungle and-

ENG-SMITO: you can't just do that everytime you want me to shut you up and kiss you. it won't work anymore. also helmet remember

ENG-JAKLAS: ... okay then it's probably a defence mechanism to keep people away and make them think this moon had nothing of value, and it appears because it had people to maintain it...

ENG-SMITO: but we're the only people who have been here in billions of years. so that leaves only one possible group who could have-

ENG-JAKLAS/ENG-SMITO: [[simultainous]] THIS ENTIRE MOON IS AN ARTEFACT OF THE PREVIOUS [[unintelligable screaming]]