footage from some kind of ground outpost the survivors own... honestly seems to be a pretty bad one.


GUN-HAJUK: [[she's just sitting in the corner, really big bulky guy in the usual blue armour of the survivors. but the paint under some of the blue seems to be yellow instead of red. the visor on his helmet is much larger than the average one, sort of having a bug-eyed look to it while he just sits on a crate silently. her mouth is exposed and she's just eating cigarettes]]

ENG-OPTUS: [[they're wearing the pretty standard engineer gear with the overalls and mining suit, their head doesn't have any mouths and just tons of eyes in chaotic places and their skin is snow white]] mama mia there's a lotta good scrap here!

GUN-TRIPLY: [[he's wearing a simlar armour to hajuk but with a faceplate covering his mouth. he's also much much skinnier, like, how is he even alive and holding a rifle skinny. also he's shaking like a cartoon character]] l-l-l-like you aure bein' here's a good idea dudes? i got a baaaad feelin fellas!

GUN-HAJUK: [[she just grunts]]

ENG-OPTUS: eh it'sa fine, what's gonna find us out here? the empire? [[they rumage through a crate, putting objects they find interesting into a bag]]

GUN-TRIPLY: yeah dude! they're everywhere! always spyin' and waitin' and-

GUN-HAJUK: [[another grunt]]

GUN-TRIPLY: yeah good point i'm probably- [[there's a buzzing sound outside]]

ENG-OPTUS: yea ya see? now lemme- oo! copper!

SWARMERS: [[suddenly a bunch of flying drones rush in through a hole in the rusty walls, swarming across the room. they're all just metal cubed with bug-like wings and a spike on the front, they keep rushing around the room in random patterns]]

GUN-TRIPLY: [[he just faints and hits the floor after screaming for about half a second]]

SWARMERS: [[they all speak in unison in a high pitched and annoying voice]] WE HAVE COME FOR YOUR COPPER

GUN-HAJUK: GET THE VOID OUT OF MY SHACK [[she reaches behind the crate he's sitting on and pulls out a massive 5 barreled gun and just starts unloading on the swarm. tons of holes get blasted into the roof and walls and the swarmers that survive the assault fly out as fast as they can]]

GUN-TRIPLY: [[he's still just on the ground]]

ENG-OPTUS: well... sucks for him [[they get back to rummaging]]

GUN-HAJUK: [[she's eating blunts now]]