another log from the monas-val, first ever actual footage with a transcript! seems to be from the repair bays of the ship.


sprictix-taila: [[small clicks from his gun as she fidgets with it while leaning on a wall, there's a lot of mechanical noises going on around as his ship is repaired]] alright partner... what's the catch?

KARAK: ...what do you mean? why would there be a catch? we're just fixing your ship [[he tilts his head slightly, cratching his neck]]

sprictix-taila: yeah, for free! my ship was dead as dirt out there and you follow that distress-call and get it in here, y'all are fixin' it up and gettin' me some fuel so what's the star dang catch? [[there's a twitch in his eye as she looks at karak]]

KARAK: i really don't get why there would be one! you needed help, so we helped! [[he's waving his arms as he talks, ending in an exagerrated shrug]]

sprictix-taila: that... [[she pauses for a moment, looking at her ship again and then back to karak]] ain't how people work. you do stuff for yourself partner. that's just how it is

KARAK: [[he pauses for a moment, looking down and putting a hand to his chin to ponder that]] hm... well yeah, a lot of people are like that. but... i dunno, i think if you give most people the chance to be nice they'll take it

sprictix-taila: HAH! i knew your whole fleet thing was new and all that, but i didn't think y'all would be this dumb. no offense obviously. people gotta have a reason to do stuff, and just bein' good ain't gonna cut it for most folks. [[he beging walking back to his ship as someone shouts that it's finished]] maybe when you find yourself a better reason y'all can tell me it.

KARAK: well... i'll certainly try... see you around i suppose...