video transcript straight from the monas-val's main deck. always wanted to know how they operate.


KARAK: and for the last time, no, the fact that bacteria exists is not a crisis level situation, just wash your hands and shower regularly. you'll be fine. [[he removes his hand from a button, closing the comm line to the other part of the ship, he lets out a heavy sigh and turns around, leaning back on a set of dud controls that don't connect to anything, while putting a hand on his head. his helmet is mostly a deep metalic blue, the mouthplate is a dull silver with either dirt or rust in small patches in a few spots on the helmet, his visor glows a bright blue. his clothes look like a set of old grey mininf uniforms, new patches sewn in to replace holes and tears in them.

KARAK: [[over the uniform is a set of armour, his chest piece is mostly the same blue as the helmet, with some dents and sorch marks on the right side, like someone tried to shoot him in the heart. silver plates wrap around under his arms and just by his shoulders to connect to the blue plate on the back without messing with shoulder movement. another silver plate covers his abs but despite how metalic it looks, it seems to bend to let him move his torso while he slouches. his left arm has a shoulder pad that looks like it was originally red but poorly spray painted blue. his gauntlets are bulky, covering his forearms in more of the blue metal while his hands are covered by the flexible silver instead. his right arm has a weird looking tube connecting the wrist of the gauntlet to the other end, but it doesn't seem to do anything at all. the boots are much the same, blue on the shins and silver on the feet. but no tube this time. all in all he looks about 5ft10 and it's hard to tell how buff he is, the clothes are a little baggy but he clearly isn't skinny. he also isn't white, the director wanted me to say that.]] when are we gonna get a real captain... [[his voice sounds tired, like he's never felt more than 6 hours of sleep per day]]

COMS-RETRAX: i'm sure we will at some point sir. but for now it seems the crew is in favor if you remaining in charge. [[the comms officer is sitting at his station next to karak's main controls. several microphones and speakers all lines up. his helmet is all silver aside from a circulor visor that glows blue and seems big enough for his whole face, but thanks to the glow we can't see through it. his skin is a pale pink and all he's wearing on his chest is a tank top, with the same grey mining pants at karak on his legs. his left arm is robotic, extending around to reach all the controls behind the speakers, bending like a tube and snaking around]] and besides, i- [[he's interuppted by an alert on the sensors]] karak! multiple hostiles inbound!

KARAK: what?! [[he spins around back to the controls, putting a hand on the intercom and keeping an eye on radars]] attension crew! we have multiple pirate hostiles inbound! all willing and ready crew, battle stations!!! [[a lot of clanging and footsteps around the ship. karak turns around to look at a large table, showing simplistic low-polygon holograms of all the ships involved, but that means the monas-val hologram is oddly accurate, a big clunky ship with whatever they could scrap together stapled onto it, and a giant cannon mounted on top. a bunch of smal yellow holograms form in the field, flying in formation. karak puts a finger to the side of his helmet]] fighter squads, ready? ... alright! fighters 1 to 5, maintain a v-formation and intercept hostiles. 6 to 8, don't go for a fighter. ready up in a heavy corvette and wait for my signal. [[he taps his helmet, changing frequencies, his voice sounds notably more energetic than it did before the battle started]] defence crew, take power from the main cannon away and put it to the roof turrets. [[another tap]] medbay, keep the doors ready, we might need to take in some injured soon.

COMS-RETRAX: patching into enemy comms, [[his arm extends around across various controls to activate a pirate radio, probably stolen]] hm... they're talking about penis. you might not know what that is karak but- [[karak just stares at him for a solid 5 seconds.]] anyway they're trying to attack our turrets but our fighters caught up with them, several hostile ships disabled

KARAK: ...alright. now let's- [[there's a lout explosion from outside. contrary to popular belief sound does move through space]] what was- [[he puts a hand back to the side of his helmet]] DAMN IT THEY'RE TARGETING THE MEDBAY!!! SOMEONE TELL THEM WHAT THEY'RE DOING THIS CAN'T BE ON PURPOSE!!!

COMS-RETRAX: i-i-i i'm sorry but... they know full well what they're doing according to this one i'm talking too! what do we do?

KARAK: [[there's a ton of shouting from every possible speaker, all across the ship and the deck there's something going wrong and people asking for help... karak looks around frantically, before looking back at the holograms. all the pirate ships managed to make it down to the left side of the ship, tons of them clustered together... karak takes a deep breath...]] all callsigns... everyone get inside and strap yourselves into something!!! we're gonna scramble through this!!! no third rate pirates are taking us down today you understand?! we're the survivor fleet! we got through slave-mine revolution! we fought the eternimax head on! we stole artefacts of the previous from the pirates and we're not giving them back just yet! get ready crew! and divert all turret power to the main cannon!!! [[he marches over to a large wheel that seems stuck, some of the crew trying to get it to budge but karak comes over and grabs it, everyone straps into some seats as karak forces the wheel to turn with all his strength, grunting and yelling as he gets the entire ship to turn and steer itself to the left and tilt down. smacking some of the pirates away ans pointing the charging canon at the rest of them. then he rushes over to some controls while trying to keep his motion sickness in check, barely making it as he slams on a big red button and falls to the floor panting. the cannon fires and any pirates that didn't get away, get turn apart by the blast. there's a lot of angry shouting including a very loud "cunt" and "mamma mia"]]

COMS-RETRAX: [[after everything settles down, he comes over to karak with some water,]] i hear humans need a lot of this

KARAK: [[he removes his helmet just enough for his mouth to become visible, but doesn't budge it any further as he takes the water and gulps it down, sitting on the floor with his back resting on the consoles]] yeah... it helps... stars i need to sleep

COMS-RETRAX: then... do that?

KARAK: not until- [[he struggles to stand up, but manages it]] this crew is somewhere safe. thanks though... just gimmie a minu- [[he then collapses and passes out]]