another log from the monas-val intercom, honestly didn't get too much big stuff to upload this time. not that i'm complaining really.


DR.TELEX: karak! karak come in! karak karak karak karak karak!

KARAK: yes hello i'm here! what is it telex?

DR.TELEX: exciting news! i figured out several of the issues that one of our crew suffers from!

KARAK: well that's... pretty good! maybe we can help 'em out! let's GUH- [[there's a big of a clatter, like he almost fell over but barely caught himself]] ... talk about it

DR.TELEX: indeed indeed sir! first, he seems to never get nearly enough sleep. despite by no logical means being able to operate at full cognative levels despite this, leading to his decision making skills to be unharmed, physically he is clearly suffering from effects and ailments.

KARAK: that doesn't sound very- [[a few coughs]] -good, he probably needs some good sleep

DR.TELEX: quite indeed, secondly he barely eats enough food or drinks enough water. it often takes others to remind him to- DRINK. WATER. - when he needs it.

KARAK: yeah i- oh that reminds me [[wet mouth sounds from drinking some water. they sound very... i think he just has some kind of effect.]] so um, what else is up with them?

DR.TELEX: well one more major oddity, along with all the stress his role in the ship brings, he seems rather confused by the fact that various political and important figures in the galaxy seem to want him. carnally. and dead. sometimes both.

KARAK: ...


KARAK: ...


KARAK: weird. well i hope we can help this guy, who is he anyway?

DR.TELEX: ... karak it's-

KARAK: [[another big clatter, and a member of crew in the deck shouting that karak has passed out. again.]]