another monas-val audio log, should be interesting and easy to get through


KARAK: [[there's heavy and rapid footsteps, from the sound of the echo he's going downstairs]] alright, so according to these files half our missing people all went missing after visiting storage closet 4b, so we need to close it off for now until we can figure out why all people and cameras that go inside disappear when no one is looking... and figure out what happened to the unrelated missing people

ENG-REALLASTNAME: alrighty boss! you can count on me! [[it's the most annoying high pitched and nasaly voice i've ever heard.]] oh wait boss watch out!

KARAK: watch out for wha- [[there's a ton of crashing sounds and pained grunts and yelps from karak as he probably falls down the stairs]]

ENG-REALLASTNAME: oh no this is so sad! he's dead! this is the worst thing to ever happen, that the incompotent, stupid, gay, pathetic, wet, captain of a giant army of disorganised idiots just die-

KARAK: ouuuugh. [[he lets out a pained groan]] my back... oh stars...

ENG-REALLASTNAME: [[he grumbles something inaudible but in a completely different voice as he walks down the stairs. all the annoying aspects are gone and replaced with something that sounds kind of posh and british]] here lemme help ya up boss [[oh stars it's back to the awful voice]]

KARAK: thanks kid... you're a real fine pal. now! back to work! gotta get back to the bridge and make sure we're away from shniavaseth, didn't know nebulas could be so angry... see ya kid! [[he sprints off and there's no more sounds of him crashing so i doubt he simply tripped earlier]]